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[HQ] MAMA 1st Mini Album Scans - EXO-K

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Cr: jog-in

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  May 26, 2012 at 10:34pm

[HQ] EXO-M MAMA Screencaps

Cr: tumblr and Fairy Tale Beyond Reality

There are only 7 of the screencaps shown. Download them and the rest here

  May 19, 2012 at 10:15pm

On EXO’s debut?

Wow. After a few million teasers, EXO finally debuted ._. 

And I actually listened to the whole album. Though, I was surprised it was only a mini-album (I’m not a huge follower okay) instead of a full album. I think it was because they used so many songs for the teasers I was expecting a full album?

Personally, I’m really pleased that they added ‘Angel’ into the album. Let me just say that I absolutely love love love that song. I was really anticipating it ever since they released a snippet of it in teaser#9, plus they also used the song in the 22nd and 23rd teaser.

But I was also quite disappointed that they excluded ‘My Lady’ and ‘Baby Don’t Cry’. When SM released the first teaser, I thought that EXO was going to debut with ‘My Lady’ and was really excited. Mainly because it sounded different from what SM was putting out lately (see ‘A-Cha’, ‘The Boys’) plus I’m a sucker for R&B. Oh well. 

And about ‘MAMA’. It sounds uh…..majestic to me. When I watched the MV, I admit, I was really annoyed with the the intro and I just skipped it since they already showed the intro in their showcase. Imo, the intro was seriously lame and unnecessary. I’d recommend you skip the first 1 and a half minutes, if you haven’t watched it yet. x) And so the MV proceeded with the whole of EXO wearing robes with hoods chanting about how they wanted to shoot anonymous. The first thing that occured to me was how they reminded me of Assasin’s Creed HAHAHA. Idek. 

The MV didn’t really make sense to me. Probably cause I’m bad at interpreting music videos anyway. Oh and also. What the fuck was the ad doing in the MV? It’s like, forever embedded into the video and you can’t click it away like those pop-ups. It’s there forever. Just another of SM’s schemes to leech more money out of us. But on the bright side, they’re all really good-looking. Though it doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll buy their album. But who knows.

I guess ‘MAMA’ is quite catchy, and I really like the opening of the song (where D.O/Chen sang) but I won’t be replaying it much. With all the hype they were building up on EXO, I was expecting something really really good. In fact, I still think ‘My Lady’ should’ve been their debut song. 

I wish they hadn’t lip-sync for their debut stage, because judging by their songs, some of them have good vocals. Great lip-syncing though. But because they didn’t sing live, it seemed like they couldn’t live up to all that hype. I’m not saying they can’t sing for shit, they just haven’t proven they could sing well live. I hope I’ll be impressed the next performance. x)

  April 11, 2012 at 07:00pm